What we offer – Aged Care facilities

Lifelong Healthcare Aged Care Services doctors visit aged care facilities weekly and work closely with facility staff to ensure residents are well managed medically, with an eye on their total wellbeing.

Our practitioners are friendly, personable and dedicated, with strong communication and interpersonal skills, and the drive to provide the highest quality healthcare services to their patients.

Our trained nurses visit aged care facilities regularly to ensure that preventative care is actioned in the form of annual health assessments and immunisations as needed.

Continuity of care

We endeavour to keep the same team of GPs visiting each aged care facility regularly to provide a level of trust and familiarity for our residents. All our GPs are fully qualified and have extra training in aged care services. Recognition of our mentoring and ongoing education has resulted in increased interest from doctors to join our aged care team.

Single point of contact for families

Our aged care coordinators are available as a first point of contact for residents’ family members, should they have any questions or requests of our GPs. This reduces the number of queries received by the aged care facilities. Our team can arrange a case conference, where carers and family members sit down together with the GP to discuss a resident’s medical management, and where everyone’s expectations are discussed and understood.

Efficient technology

Lifelong Healthcare has partnered with Telstra Health, so that doctors have access to patient records via the cloud environment. GPs use a secure laptop during their visits to update patient notes, write prescriptions, and generate pathology and radiology requests in real time, increasing efficiency. Remote access is now available at fast speeds anywhere in Australia, and around the clock back-up management means that patient data is 100% secure, meeting all regulations and standards.


Lifelong Healthcare Aged Care Services are monitored to ensure we continue to deliver the highest standard of care. Regular formal and informal communication with each aged care facility is conducted quarterly, when facility managers and clinical care coordinators are invited to explore opportunities for quality improvements and risk management strategies.

What you get with LifeLong Healthcare

  • Centralised care with reduced need for locum services
  • Decreased hospital admissions
  • Improved falls management programs
  • Development of dementia and behavior management strategies
  • Improved communication between resident, facility, doctor and family/carers
  • Decreased resident/family complaints